Botox treatments aren’t taboo anymore. Many people argue these are necessary to improve your appearance and self-esteem. But to achieve those impressive Botox results, you need to pay close attention to the before and aftercare tips for your face. Our experts say you should follow closely the medical advice you receive. So, if you’re getting ready for your Botox injection, keep reading this. Below we share the top 5 Botox aftercare types for your face. Let’s see what you need to do after your treatment!

#1 Don’t touch your face.

The first thing you need to know about Botox aftercare is that you shouldn’t touch your face. In the first 24 to 48 hours, you should do your best not to touch the area where you had your Botox injections. If you do otherwise, it can interfere with your healing process and the results you expect. Touching your face after the treatment might lead to infections that will make it difficult for your skin to heal.

#2 Don’t use makeup.

Another top Botox aftercare tip is to avoid using makeup for at least 24 hours. Your skin needs to breathe after the treatment, and makeup will only make it difficult. Our practitioners say you should wait at least 24 hours before resuming your makeup routine. If you rub the area with your brush or fingers, you risk moving your Botox from the injection site. 

#3 Don’t do skin treatments.

The worst thing you can do after getting Botox is a skin treatment. These must be avoided for at least a week to ensure you’ll achieve Botox success. Some of the skin treatments you should postpone include chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion. Moreover, it is best to avoid sunbed, waxing, and facial massages.

#4 Don’t sit in the sun.

Botox treatments are amazing, but can temporarily make your skin sensitive to light. This is why you should avoid sitting in the sun after the treatment. UV rays can interfere with the results and can cause skin damage even if you’re wearing sun cream. 

#5 Don’t sleep in the treated area.

Another thing to consider when getting Botox injections is your sleeping habits. In the first 24 hours, you shouldn’t lay on the injected area. You should do your best to keep your face away from the pillow so that you don’t move Botox from the injection site.

The Bottom line

So, these are the top 5 Botox aftercare tips for your face. Of course, there are many other tips to follow to ensure you achieve Botox success. It is best to follow medical advice and avoid doing strenuous activity shortly after your treatment. Moreover, your injections should always be administered by a trained professional to avoid serious side effects.

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