The CBSE board aims to promote understanding of basic facts and concepts among the students. To assess a student’s capability to recall facts, terms, basic concepts and answers CBSE board conducts exam. A good concept clarification, multiple revision and focusing on solving previous year question paper within the allotted time students can score decent marks. Students who are weak in mathematics should concentrate more on Organic Chemistry. It is a very scoring subject. As the student can see since past few years, there has been seen that all questions are directly or indirectly asked from the NCERT exercise books. Almost 50% of the question paper is from the textbook itself therefore¬†NCERT books should be read thoroughly. One should remember it very well that there is no substitute to hard work. If you want to score good marks in chemistry exams a dedicated focused study needs to be adapted.

Prepare from NCERT textbooks

In order to ace chemistry exams, cover all topics from ncert books. Cover all topics including diagrams. Solve all the exercise questions. Mark the important ones so that while revising it becomes easier and immediately you can recall what you have studied. Had written notes on key topics is also advisable. After finishing the entire course, students must concentrate on focused studies and multiple revisions. Maximum weightage topic should be revised first and accordingly followed by low scoring topics.

Practice questions/topics from previous year paper and sample papers:

In every board exam, there are few questions or topics which are asked year after year with little to no changes. If the student is under time crunch, then try to work on such topics and questions only with multiple revisions. So practice as many previous CBSE 12th Chemistry question papers as possible. To understand the type of question, topic and format another source is the CBSE sample paper. Practice from this source is also advised. Make sure you highlight important topics and questions so while revising you can just scan through it, thus saving a lot of your time and also it is advised to revise in this way if an issue of time crunch arises in anyway.

Practice questions based on numerical, name reactions and products

In Physical Chemistry, practice more numerical to score better, make short nots on important topics. Make a formula list for physical chemistry. In Organic Chemistry: NCERT specific reading is advisable. There are topics such as Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids, write a short note on known Name reactions. Weightage for organic chemistry high so students should concentrate on solving numerical. In Inorganic Chemistry, topics like p-Block Elements, will help you to score more marks. Spend more time on Products of the given reactions, properties of hydrides and anomalous behavior of second-period elements. It is recommended to not to read beyond NCERT.

Writing skills are very important

A lot of content is available to write within the given span of time. A bullet format precise form is recommended as it becomes even easier for the examiner to correct papers. Practice by writing will not only boost your confidence but also enables you to understand the keywords. Also highlight such key words while answering questions in the exam. Descriptive and long answers should always be presented in bullet form followed by labelled diagrams. Comparative analysis presented in a tabulated format could make your answer script stand out from the rest. Little things like this should b taken into account.

Time management and Self Evaluation

The major constraint is time while writing any examination. When you are attempting a descriptive question, it may seem feasible in the moment as it not only tends to take up a lot of time but it also does not guarantee full marks at the end of it as you can always miss out on some keywords or important points hence also compromising on other answers.It is natural to build anxiety during preparation. The student needs to focus on the weakness rather than feeling tired or guilty. Constant small breaks can be taken while having such mood swings.Time management will help you have a buffer time of around 10-15 min. Initially go through the paper. Strategize which ones to attempt and which one to leave and write accordingly.While self-study is extremely important, students are advised to refer to coaching notes for further clarification and assessment. is one such online platform that provides a comprehensive, in depth and most importantly focused study for students from grade 6th to 12th. It also specializes in providing coaching for JEE and NEET competitive exams. Online classes are provided at a minimal cost. Periodical quizzes and test are held for self-assessment. It provides video solutions for the students who attend video lectures. As the videos are uploaded every day, students can go through multiple such video solution covering various topics. The Doubtnut app can be downloaded from google play.

Solve this important question: Niobium crystallizes in body-centred cubic structure. If the density is 8.55 g cm^(-3), calculate the atomic radius of niobium using its atomic mass 93 u.


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