Flavour or Soda For a healthier alternative to sugary sodas, stream soft drinks with fruit, herbs, and honey syrup.


Do you prefer fizzy or flat water? I like it both ways, but since we acquired a SodaStream machine to make carbonated water home, I’ve grown to prefer fizzy water. Something about the bubbles makes it feel more refreshing to me. King- Man and I usually drink our fizzy water simple over ice, although I occasionally add flavour or sweetness to mine. Finally, I have a healthy means to do so. I’ll show you how to flavour sparkling water with natural ingredients in today’s post.


I’d given up Soda a long time ago, so I didn’t need the carbonated water to help me kick the habit. However, this piece may be helpful if you’re addicted to Soda and want to quit. Sparkling waters are a better option than sugary sodas.


Carbonated water is equally healthy as plain water.

You may have heard and read about many health concerns concerning carbonated liquids floating around the internet, such as allegations that it sucks calcium from your bones, erodes enamel on your teeth, and even causes cancer. It’s difficult to sort through all the contradictory information I read. So I was relieved to find a credible source, Scientific American (their Nutrition Diva is a diet and nutrition myth buster), that concluded that carbonated water is just as healthy as flat water. None of the frightening assertions about it is supported by science. Yay. So, if you prefer your water to be fizzy, drink it that way. The main thing is to drink water—good for you in whatever form you like.


Carbonated water may have some extra health benefits, such as easing upset tummies and heartburn and making you feel fuller (so you eat less).


Various types of bubbly water.

You may carbonate your water at home using a SodaStream machine, or you can buy fizzy waters in bottles. The majority of them are similar and fit under the umbrella of “Sparkling Waters.” There are sparkling waters that spontaneously bubble up from the ground. Perrier and Pellegrino are two well-known (though pricey) brands that source their sparkling mineral waters from specific regions in France and Italy. They naturally contain gas, which causes bubbles. Seltzer water is ordinary water with gas bubbles commonly accessible in supermarkets. Club Soda is comparable to seltzer but rich in salt. Therefore I avoid it for regular consumption. The tonic contains both sweets and bitter tastes.


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