Burnt coils are the last thing you want to experience, so knowing when it’s time for replacement can make all the difference. There are several primary signs that your coil may require replacement, and by understanding them, it will be much simpler to avoid the issue in the first place.

Vapor Production

When using a vape device, its coil is responsible for heating up e-liquid and creating vapors. Replacing the คอยล์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า is the simplest way to ensure your device runs optimally.

A common indication that it’s time for a coil change is a burning taste in your e-liquid. This occurs when the coil heats the liquid too quickly, leading to burnt flavoring.

Vapor Flavor

One of the biggest factors in determining your vape experience is flavor. If it tastes bad, you won’t get all that much out of it, so make sure that you select flavors that are enjoyable and tasty.

When selecting coils for cloud chasing, the type of coil used is another important factor to consider. Some coils provide better throat hits than others, while some are ideal for cloud chasing.

Throat Irritation

One of the greatest difficulties many smokers encounter when transitioning to vaping is experiencing throat irritation for a period of time. Usually, these symptoms subside after some time, but they could also be indicative of something more serious going on.

Throat irritation occurs when your immune system reacts to germs in your body, such as colds or bacteria like tonsillitis. It can be caused by infections like colds or bacteria such as these.

Dry Hits

Dry hits are a common issue experienced by vapers. They have an unpleasant taste that resembles burnt cotton and may cause throat irritation as well as nausea.

They are typically caused by the cotton wick inside a vaporizer not being fully saturated with e-liquid. Other causes may include running the device at too high a wattage or neglecting to refill its tank.

Saturate the Coil

By keeping your coil fully saturated with e-liquid, there is minimal to no chance of experiencing a dry hit. However, this may not be possible if you vape too often or use too strong of nicotine strength.

If you are finding that your device is producing an excessive number of dry hits, it could be time to upgrade or purchase a new one. This will also give you a chance to experiment with different flavors and methods of vaping.

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