Most of us keep Sandpaper (กระดาษทราย, which is the term in Thai) in our garages or workshops, but what can it be used for besides smoothing off rough spots on wood? You may be astonished to learn how many minor tasks it facilitates.

Don’t throw away what you have. Use Sandpaper in your home in some of these ingenious ways.

Sharpen Dull Scissors

Are you finding that your scissors have lost their edge? Cutting across a sheet of fine-grit Sandpaper numerous times will restore sharpness to dull scissor blades.

The abrasive Sandpaper will help sharpen your scissors and remove any filth or sticky residue that has built up on the blades.

Remove Pills From Furniture And Clothes

Fine-grit sandpaper can effectively remove undesired fluff balls from upholstery by brushing them away with a back-and-forth motion. The fuzzy balls on your sweaters and other garments can be removed by lightly brushing them with Sandpaper in one direction.

If you use Sandpaper to remove the pills from a more fragile fabric, test a small, inconspicuous area first.

Remove Rust From Tools

Sandpaper helps remove rust from tools and return them to their original condition. Faster rust removal can be achieved using finer grit sandpaper, but be careful not to harm your instruments if you apply too much pressure.

Enhance The Grip Of Your New Shoes

A fresh pair of leather-soled shoes may turn any smooth surface into an icy one. Improve your shoes’ traction and make it easier to keep your footing by scuffing the bottoms with Sandpaper with a coarse grain. You never know; it could prevent you from falling.

Reduce The Chance Of Cat Spraying And Scratching

Sandpaper may be needed to prevent your cat from scratching the same spot on your sofa or spraying in the same place. Cats will avoid an area with Sandpaper because the rough texture bothers their sensitive paws.

Apply bits of Sandpaper to the furnishings your cat has been damaging to discourage more scratching. Sandpaper fragments should be spread out on the floor in the sprayed area.

Sharpen Broken Needles For Sewing

Needles for sewing and embroidery can be sharpened with a bit of Sandpaper. To sharpen dull needles, poke them many times through a piece of Sandpaper or fold and twist a part of Sandpaper around the needle’s tip. Your arrows will be as good as new in no time at all.


Sandpaper is a multipurpose material with a wide range of uses. The capacity to generate a smooth surface finish and the availability of many varieties of Sandpaper, each with its advantages, are only two of its many perks.

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