Your business needs to fit in the compliance list in order to be operational in the market. If the guidelines and the regulations are not met, you will find it difficult to enter and compete in the industrial market. You can take help of the REACH testing services to know if you are aligning with the legal requirements and different ways in which you can meet the needs. There are a variety of REACH testing services that you can opt for:

  • REACH SVHC testing and screening service- This will help you test for the products in your articles which have been published latest in the SVHC list. 
  • Annex XVII testing for legal compliance- This will check the compliance of the products and articles which you will be manufacturing or selling in the EU region. 
  • Smart testing services for REACH- You can save multiple dollars through this because you can combine multiple materials in order to get it tested. 
  • Supply chain support testing
  • Legislative guidance on the REACH regulations 

What are the different stages of REACH regulations?


It is the duty of the manufacturers and the importers to register any sort of substance they are using or supplying through their electrical and electronic goods in the EU. They need to register it if the quantity is above a tonne a year. 


The annual in-depth evaluations will be carried out by the ECHA. They will mainly assess the flagged substances and what sort of a potential risk will they possess. This will be carried out on the basis of the information provided during the registration. 


The use of the substances that are termed as SVHC need to be authorised before they get used in the articles. These substances may include carcinogens, mutagens and toxics to reproduction chemicals, PBTs, vPvBs, which can be hazardous to both humans and the environment.

What is the candidate list?

The candidate list is nothing but a step involved in the REACH authorisation process. It is the SVHC list which is brought under authorisation by the European Commission. This list involves the requirement list for both the consumers as well as the retailers in the industry. Everybody needs to comply with the list in order to sell, manufacture or ship goods and maintain the health of both the consumers and the environment. 

Now you can easily keep a check on your compliance through Enviropass REACH SCIP guidelines and protocols. 

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