People who have some memories in the photographic form are likely to remember every sentence from a book or even a lecture. Still, generally, people benefit when they start taking notes. Taking notes is one of the most effective learning methods where students can write down the essential elements of any lesson or read to review some letters. The value that they received from note-taking is quite good. There are different techniques for better note-taking skills (เทคนิคการจดโน๊ต ที่ต้องรู้, which is the term in Thai), and some of them are mentioned here.

Reasons One Needs To Take Notes.

One impossible thing is to remember whatever you read or hear in your classes. You are likely to forget at least 33% of what you do not review in the next 24 hours. Hence students always need to take some notes either by jotting down the essential parts of the lesson or by just reading the assignment. You can read these notes together and do a quick revision whenever you are studying. The notes are pretty helpful if the lesson is very challenging. For example, if you are in Graduate School, you must get some notes to write a thesis paper. The visual cues and motor skills go hand in hand that help facilitate the formation of your memory than just by reading or listening. You can follow the techniques for better note-taking skills and start making notes.


It is note-taking, and you should not confuse it without lining up with any other part of the writing process. Here you just need to write some points and keywords hierarchically. It would be best if you wrote it for them in a chronological wave as given in your lesson. You can divide the note-taking outline by subtopics, appoints main points, or even topics. The method generally works perfectly with the digital word process, as you can even go back and add some new pointers.


It is a type of note-taking that generally works perfectly when multiple topics are discussed simultaneously. All you need to do is divide the page into one or two volumes, and each column must have some specific topic. It is one of the best techniques for better note-taking skills. In addition, charting helps you keep the notes in an organized way so that you can revise the lessons well.

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