Surrogacy is the only way for many infertile women to have a genetically born child. This extends to those women who have a damaged or missing uterus or who, for medical reasons, cannot conceive and give birth.


It is essentially an ordinary process of carrying a child, with the difference that the surrogate does not carry her own child but someone else’s. Surrogacy is a method of treating infertility and not just someone else’s unwillingness to carry and bear children themselves.

Many potential surrogate mothers are interested in how exactly surrogacy works. And there is no wonder, as in the rather short period of its existence, this procedure has managed to grow into a great many myths and speculations, including the most ridiculous ones. For example, even now many people believe that in order to conceive a child to be carried by a surrogate mother, a surrogate mother has to have sex with the husband of an infertile woman. Of course, this is just ridiculous speculation.

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Surrogacy is excellent because it allows an infertile woman with a serious damage to her genital system, a missing uterus or other problems that prevent birth or pregnancy to have a genetically born child. Artificial insemination is used for this purpose. Artificial insemination is a complex medical procedure in which the eggs of an infertile woman are combined with the sperm of her partner and an embryo is created under artificial conditions. It is this artificially created embryo that will then be placed in the uterus of the surrogate.

Contrary to popular belief, a surrogate mother carries another woman’s genetically alien child; she herself has nothing to do with it other than to help it form and come into the world. If for some reason the infertile woman herself cannot provide her own eggs for artificial insemination, donor eggs are used. Using the surrogate’s own eggs is not only unethical but also illegal, so if you are offered the use of your eggs, do not agree to it under any circumstances, because then you will be forced to give up your own child.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is not only allowed by law but is rather precisely specified in the legislation. According to the law, only a woman who has proven reproductive health problems and is not able to bear or give birth to a child herself due to medical indications may use surrogate mother services. Thus, another myth is debunked that surrogate mothers may be used by women who simply do not want to carry and give birth to a child.

Surrogacy in Ukraine has huge advantages for the child’s parents as well. According to Ukrainian legislation a surrogate mother has no right to keep the child as it is genetically unrelated to her. In such case the surrogate’s refusal to give up her child in Ukraine is classified as a serious crime. Although cases of surrogate mothers’ refusal to give up their baby are quite rare, this allows the genetic parents to have additional guarantees that they will not have any problems with the surrogate regardless of the circumstances.

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