Nothing is more frustrating than getting a blank print from your printer at the end moment when you need to submit a document or presentation in college or office. Although the printer may be new or in fine functioning order, the printout is blank or lacks ink. While an empty ink cartridge is generally the cause, not always. You can try changing the ink cartridges in your printer with new ones.

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Reasons for Blank Prints

If you’ve double-checked that your ink cartridges have enough ink to print, your printer may still create blanks at random. 

The following are some of the reasons why you may still receive blank printouts:

  • Nozzles that are clogged
  • Installation of the cartridge incorrectly
  • Cartridges that have been dislodged from their original location
  • Issues with drivers and software
  • Incorrect paper size
  • you’re printing blank pages from the documents.

What to do During Blank Prints

  • Place your printer on a flat, solid platform because even the tiniest tilt will cause printing issues.
  • If the previous cartridge is out of ink, replace it. Make certain you’re using genuine ink or toner for your printer.
  • Ensure you’ve removed the tape from your cartridge before inserting it into your printer.
  • To see if the nozzles are clogged, print a nozzle check pattern or check sheet for this the Print Head Nozzle should be used. Check to see if your printer has that option and, if so, clean the print head.
  • Check that the printing paper you’re using meets the printer’s requirements. Some printers, for example, do not support vellum or transparent paper.
  • Make that your document has the appropriate printing options, paper size, layout, and orientation.
  • When printing in cold conditions, one of the most common problems is that the ink might coagulate and solidify, this prevents the ink from working properly, which is another major reason for blank pages being printed. Keep it at normal room temperature to maintain the ink viscosity.

Restart the Printer

Restarting most devices can sometimes fix minor issues, thus you should try restarting your printer to see if the blank print issue goes away. Open your printer, remove all cartridges, and unplug the printer’s power cord and any cords. After 10-15 minutes, connect the printer’s power cord and other cables, attach each cartridge, turn the printer on, and print a test page.

Align the Printer

It’s critical to align and calibrate the printer if you’ve recently replaced your old ink cartridges. As a result, the cartridges will not be misaligned, which causes blank prints or misaligned text.

  • Go to the HP Solution Center after turning on your printer and loading some paper. Select Setting and then Print Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Printer Toolbox after that.
  • Pick Align the print cartridges under Device Services in the Printer Toolbox window and then select Align.

If you’ve followed all the procedures above and are still getting blank printouts, you might try printing in backup mode. When your printer has two cartridges, this method is useful because you can remove the problem cartridge and print with the remaining one. 


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